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Tools of the Trade, now in book form!

Hmm? What’s that? Oh, nothing, just this new tabletop role-playing game supplement I wrote. It’s now available in book form.

All papery and shiny and ready to roll!

You can grab yourself a copy of it right here: Tools of the Trade: A GM’s Guide to Creating and Running Fantasy Heists. The paperback is $16.95 and the pdf is $10. Or, if you like, you can roll on over to the Ogre’s 11 Kickstarter, in progress as part of ZineQuest 4, and add Tools of the Trade as part of your reward for backing (and if you do that, you get both the book and the pdf for one price). If you want to get your caper on before the Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves movie hits next year, then you need this book.

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