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Meet the Bunker Mascot

Sonya Louise Day-Finn (AKA Princess Wigglebottom) is a pitbull mix, presumed to be half-boxer. She’s twelve years young, and despite her ladylike appearance, she’s a bit of a tomboy. She’s very smart, very sweet, and kind to children and most animals.

To the squirrels in the neighborhood, she is called Ku-Ah-On, which means in their language, “The Destroyer.” Three squirrels have died in the powerful jaws of Ku-Ah-On, who frolics gleefully at their bleating cries for help. They pray for a deliverance, but none comes. And so, they endure this Dogpocalypse with the stoicism of a doomed people.

Meet Janice, Director of Bunker Operations

Janice was born and raised in the same 5-mile radius in Robinson, Texas, until she was spirited away to the wind-swept plains of Lubbock, Texas, to attend Texas Tech, where her high school boyfriend broke up with her in a classic Dear John letter. This will become relevant later. She copes with the news by getting a degree in philosophy, a degree in English, and was a mere three credits away from a Masters degree in Philosophy of Religions. 

These accolades and achievements left her imminently qualified for a career in retail sales, often referred to as Dante’s Tenth Ring of hell.  To keep from certain incarceration for committing retail homicide, she likes to travel,  volunteers her time and talents to civic and service organizations, such as community theater and Altrusa, and until very recently was a member in good standing of the Waco Ukulele Orchestra.

Janice likes a good story and has a thing for great storytellers. She also likes strong coffee, good whisky, dark beer, and interesting religious paraphernalia. 

She recently reconnected with the same boyfriend who epistolarily dumped her, lo, these many years hence, and kindly agreed to give him another shot. She’s excited about the new chapter in her own story and looks forward to what comes next.

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