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Current Projects from the R&D Department

Human Gorilla Creations

Polite Society: Heists and Capers in a World of Rogues, Thieves, and Scoundrels —Mark’s current project— is a complete guide to running heists and capers in Dungeons & Dragons. This book does what none of the other heist games have done; it explains to  GMs how to structure and present capers and heists so that the players understand them. The project includes a robust heist generator that will create a playable scenario with in-game consequences in ten minutes. 

This game has been in development for over twenty years, and it’s unique among all of the other heist games out there. Polite Society includes new thief archetypes in nearly every class and a slew of new backgrounds for a wide variety of ne’er-do-wells.

You can follow Mark’s progress on Polite Society on his Patreon page.

Mark’s other tabletop role-playing game books include the ‘zines, Monty Haul and Gobsmack! Both were both crowdfunded during ZineQuest 2 & 3 on Kickstarter.

Gobsmack! is a complete toolkit for bringing goblins into your games as NPCs with motivations, as characters, not cannon fodder. Players can even get in on the action with some specific class archetypes only available to gobs!

The Boys in R&D Could use Your Help!

Follow Mark’s progress on his Patreon page, and visit the Commissary for books & merch!

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