Operation: Greco-Roamin’, Field Entry 002

The view from our hotel room balcony.

Dateline: Athens, Greece.
The Bunker Staff members made it safe and sound, with only aching joints and a brain cloud head fog from flying into the time zones to show for it. We changed planes in Frankfort, and it was a forced march to get from one end of the airport to the other. I have two observations to make in this regard: 1. Germans are physically fit people. And 2. They are all training for some sort of future Olympic sport involving pushing wheeled luggage through the airport at a dead run, like if Samsonite sponsored curling competitions.

Jes admires the view. Big city. Over 5 million people live here, right on top of all the history.

If you count time literally, we spent over twelve hours in the air. and it’s no surprise we are both wiped completely out. We had to stow our gear at the hotel and then walk to a late lunch/early dinner with our entire traveling group, 26 in all, with nearly half of them kids under the age of 20. The group cross-talk was a weird mix of adults trying to make “Get-to-know-you chitchat, and teenage girls being quietly mortified at, like, having to, like, you know, be near grown-ups and stuff.

I wasn’t going to drink today, but then they said this was the local beer. If that’s not a sign telling me to have a cold one, I don’t know what is.

Everyone working at the restaurant was very nice, at least, to us. To each other, the sniped and barked and made it very clear that, were it not for all of the foreign witnesses on hand, they would be trying to murder each other with cleavers and rolling pins.

The temple of Athena? The owl kinda gives it away. There are ancient mythological motifs all over the place.

We ate a large amount of food and then staggered back to the hotel, gawking all the way. The streets are narrow, the buildings boxy and colorful by turns, and there’s this vibe in the air that I’ve never experienced before. I’ve been to Canada several times, and there are parts of Montreal and Toronto that just have a different feel about them. This whole city is like that.

Tomorrow is the first real day; we are going to the Acropolis.

Our adventure is just beginning!

4 thoughts on “Operation: Greco-Roamin’, Field Entry 002

  1. I waited patiently in line at a shuttle bus at Frankfort Airport. The bus arrived and I was shoved aside. That airport is not for the faint of heart! Glad you guys are enjoying yourselves!

  2. I know what you mean about Toronto, it definitely has a feel and a vibe to it that’s different from other places.

    1. It’s weird to me how both Toronto and Montreal have a very European vibe to them, at least, in some parts of the city. But they also have Tim Horton’s, so it’s kinda win-win.

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