Nerd Alert! A New RPG Book for Fantasy Heists!

Sound the whoop whoop! There’s a new book on the horizon! It’s called Tools of the Trade: A GM’s Guide to Creating and Running Fantasy Heists, and if that sounds cool to you, then you’re who I wrote this for!

The book is still being approved for printing, but the pdf is available right now at at this link right here: Tools of the Trade. What’s it about? I’m so glad you asked.

Tools of the Trade lets you create a random, interesting and challenging caper or heist in just minutes. It’s fast, robust, and easy to use. Just a few dice rolls, a few details you supply and viola! A heist! A very palpable, palpable heist. There’s over a 120 pages of useful info, guidance, and ideas for you to pull from.

A sample page layout, showing tables from the Contact Creator

This pdf retails for $10 and the book will retail for $16.95, but for this weekend only: From Now until Sunday, July 17th, I’m offering the pdf of Tools of the Trade free to anyone who subscribes to the North Texas Apocalypse Bunker newsletter at the paid level, or who joins my Patreon at any level! That’s right, it’s a signing bonus!

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Join me on either platform for $5 and you’ll get the PDF! (Note: The Newsletter on Substack is free and always will be. You don’t have to join at the paid level, and hey, now that you’re thinking about it, go take 30 seconds out of your day and subscribe for free, if nothing else! You can stay looped in on the personal highs and lows of everyone here at the N.T.A.B. and check out the occasional dog photos, too.

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