Begin transmission…

Well met, weary travelers! You’ve come in from the blasted hellscape of the modern world and found a sanctuary from Post-Apocalyptic Life! Take a minute to catch your breath, and then feel free to look around at what the North Texas Apocalypse Bunker has to offer.

All of the latest updates, interdepartmental memos and news of the outside world can be found below on our datastream. You may have seen it referred to as a “blog.” 

Up above, you can find out a little more about the inhabitants of the bunker and the ongoing projects that the Administrator has been tasked with. You’ll also find some prescient information about the Bunker Essential Support Team and how you can join in and participate! That’s right, folks, this is an interactive experience!

If you’d like a souvenir to commemorate your visit, you can head over to the commissary and browse a selection of high quality merchandise. Please note that purchasing these goods will keep the bunker staff, including the dog, in good standing. 

If you have any questions, you can drop me a line on the contact page. 


Mark Finn
Deep in North Texas

End Transmission

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