*Thump* *Thump* Uh…can you hear me?

Well, well, well, well, WELL.

Taken in haste amidst a mad scramble for supplies and sundries before extended field maneuvers later in the week.

How about this?

Look, y’all! It’s a blog! How old school! How vintage!

I know that I’m supposed to try for brevity, but I just can’t. I like the sound of my voice too much. Or the type of my words. Or something. Either way, I figure this is the best way for me to put my scattered thoughts down and also link to things, update you on new stuff, etc.

You’re going to want to follow me here, if you don’t already. However you want to do it (RSS feed, bookmarking, writing stuff down on paper like a serial killer, etc.), make sure you include this site in your regular scrolling routine. I’ll be putting links up on social media for a while…for a while…and then I will start to do it less and less as more folks find their way to the Bunker.

Don’t worry, folks. The Substack newsletter is still a thing and will continue to come out on Friday (and now on Monday), and the Patreon is ongoing. It’s just that, well, here’s my new online home. Please look around and see what you think.

And if you’d like to see the Patreon Page, you can check it out right here. Gamers, this is your jam.
If you’re more into the fiction of the whole N.T.A.B. and want to check out what the podcast will soon be offering, you can head over to Substack and look at the write-up for all of that.

Welcome to the North Texas Apocalypse Bunker!

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